About me

My name is Ingrid and I’m interested in all the ways we can live well and together (with other species and humans) on our little blue planet.
I use film, visuals and writing as tools for exploration and communication. On this website you’ll find mostly films, animations and graphic design that I’ve created in collaboration with organisations and universities on the themes of sustainability, climate change, economics and education. I am also involved with using film as a tool for research and documentation in a research project on climate change in the Arctic.
Perhaps you need a film, an animation, layout, illustrations or graphic design? Or perhaps you don’t know what you need – that’s fine too. I’m always keen to explore new topics and new modes of working. Don’t hesitate to get in touch by dropping me a line at ingrid.m.rieser[at]gmail.com.
If you’d like to hear some of my philosophical musings, have a listen to my podcast Forest of Thought where I speak to all kinds of interesting people.