passion projects & own work

Here is some of my uncommissioned work. I enjoy using film, visuals and writing to explore new topics and ideas.


“I Drink the Water from My Hands” is an experimental short documentary by director Felicia Sjögren and myself. It premiered at the Uppsala Short Film Festival 2020. Contact me if you would like to host a screening of the film.

Humans dug up the ancient time from the earth and set it aflame to harvest its power. But now other parts of the world have caught fire too. The overwhelming feeling of just wanting to scream has brought the protagonist to protests in the streets of Paris, to therapy sessions, and to the Caledonian mountain range. Outer and inner time travels are woven together in the inevitable transformation.

Felicia Sjögren: direction, edit, sound design, camera and production. Ingrid M. Rieser: camera and production


In april 2020, friends helped me to launch the Forest of Thought podcast. The idea behind the podcast is having conversations that explore the ideas we live by – re-examining the familiar and catching glimpses of the new. It’s available on Spotify and most listening platforms! Learn more by visiting

In 2018-2019 my partner and I spent a year in a mountain cabin in Härjedalen, Sweden. You can read about this adventure at the tree line at our website where we still occasionally post updates.

As part of my master in Economics for Transition at Schumacher College, I made a short documentary on economics education and how it can be radically improved. You can watch the film Oikonomos for free at