active student participation

I worked with the Unit for Academic Teaching and Learning at Uppsala University with their project on Active Student Participation. That work included designing and illustrating an interactive handbook, creating several videos and building a website. Download the book, watch films and explore at

ClientUnit for Academic Teaching and Learning, Uppsala University
DateJune 2016 - Current

When planning the Active Student Participation Companion, the project team wanted a book that felt playful yet academic; they wanted it to feel accessible and somewhat unpolished, to encourage readers to use it as a handbook to scribble in and add to, rather than treating it as a theoretical tome set in stone.

To achieve this we decided on a colorful, collage aesthetic. I felt that combining and reworking old images in novel combinations in collages was a good parallel to the work of rethinking the traditional structures of learning in universities, which is one of the main themes of the book. Download an interactive PDF-version of the book here.


View an introductory film to active student participation, below. More films at I have also made several other films for the pedagogical unit that can be found on their Youtube channel.